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Create a website the easy way.  It is really not that complicated to create a website online and you do not need any special training or skills.

Follow the 3 easy steps below and create a website today !

First you will need to choose a domain name. Learn how to choose the best domain name before creating a website
Next, pick a good webhosting server. Get the best deals on webhosting here   Many webhosting servers will give you a free domain name of your choice when you  purchase one of their hosting plans.  They will also take care of registering the free domain name for you.



Create a website - The easiest and most affordable way to create a website is to use the free website builders and free website templates which are now provided by most of the webhosting cpmpanies.   If you prefer you can purchase website building software such as dreamweaver and create your website offline, but these software programs can be quite expensive.



How do I get a domain name ?
  •  Most web hosting companies will give you a free domain name when you purchase hosting from them. This is the easiest way to get a domain name because the hosting company will take care of the registration process for you. There are also many sites that sell domain names, just be careful and compare prices to make sure you are not being overcharged.

How much will it cost to get my own website?

  •  It depends, if you plan on creating a website yourself it can cost less than $5.00 a month. It could cost hundreds if you have someone else create a website for you.

How do I create a website ?

  • The most affordable way to create a website is to purchase a basic webhosting plan that provides a free domain name, website templates and a free website builder.

Do I really need a domain name ?

  • In my opinion yes, having your own domain name can help establish you as a professional entrepreneur to prospective customers. Choosing a domain name that uses your primary company name or associated words is likely to get more attention by the search engines and may help to increase traffic to your website. 

Why do I need a webhosting server ?

  • After you create a website it must be housed or stored by a webhosting server.  A web hosting server provides the location for you to create and save your website to the internet. The website hosting company you choose will provide the location for your files, images and webpages to be stored and transmitted to the internet. A website can not exist without a webhosting server.

How many webpages can I have on one domain name?

  • Many website hosting companies provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth limit which allows you to create as many websites or webpages as you want on one account.


More about  Web Hosting & Domain Names

I recommend using a cheap webhosting server that includes a free domain name. Again, this will make the process easier because they will register the domain name for you. 

Choosing a website host is not a complicated task. If this is your first website, I suggest using a cheap web hosting company that provides a free domain name, free setup, a free website builder, free website templates as well as unlimited disk space and bandwidth or transfer limit.

What is Disk Space and Bandwidth Limit ?

Answer:  Disk space refers to the amount of storage space allocated by the web hosting company. Every file that you upload to your webhosting server takes up disk space. This includes html files, graphics, sound files, audio clips, etc.

Bandwidth or transfer limit is the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer per month. Bandwidth is used each time your webpage is viewed.


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Get A Domain Name

Creating a website and choosing The Perfect Domain Name



Free Web Hosting

I never recommend using a free webhosting server because they are too unstable and you website can be deleted at any time without notice.

You will never really own your website and you will not have a true domain name. Basically what they give you is a subdomain off their main domain. In exchange for letting you use the small amount of space, they place advertising banners and popup ads on your site, which will cause your website to load slowly and look unprofessional.



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